Adventure Packages

At Yukon Lake Cabins Adventure awaits! So, dream big, and let us help you plan your stay.

Choose Your Own Adventure Package

Choose any three adventures during your four days stay

Choose your own adventure

3 night/4 day

Operators in our area are a tight knit group of adventurers that collaborate to bring you an unforgettable experience during your stay.

Choose any of our wonderful add-on “partner experiences” – we take care of the rest!

Choose three adventures

Hiking (guided)

Ice Fishing (guided)

Snow Shoeing (guided)

Glacier Sightseeing (guided)

Fishing Tours (guided)

Canoe Tour (guided)

Aurora Viewing & Photography (guided)

Glacier tours

Cost: 360.00/person* Flight Time: 1 Hour & 15 Minutes

Glacier tours are available right from our property and provide an outstanding view of the World’s Largest non-polar icefields and Canada’s Highest – Mt Logan

* Prices are subject to change.