4 X 4 Tours

With over 80% of its landscaped untouched it is any wonder that it is a world class destination for wildlife viewing?

This 2.5-to-3-hour 4×4 tour will take you back in time as you travel the magic of the Alsek Valley. You will travel through creeks, old riverbeds, alluvial fans and mountainsides.  We will stop and discover the remains of an old boat and learn about the history of the Great Alsek Lake – now the Alsek Valley. 

If you feel energetic you can combine the Jeep tour with a 2-hour, 4 hour or full-day hike.

Tour Options & Pricing

  • 4×4 Valley Tour $350 for 2 person (2.5 to 3 hrs)
  • 4×4 Tour Combo with hike $450 for 2 person
  • 4×4 Valley Tour Combo with hike $600 2 person (4-hrs.)
  • Included: Guide, warm drink and snack.
  • Gratuities and tax are not included
  • Be sure to bring: Warm layer, rain/wind jacket, gloves, hat, sunscreen, and camera.